Thursday, May 21, 2015

Welcome! First Discussion Post!

Welcome to the Blackberry (Patch) Pulpit Blog page!

Blackberry Patch road is where our original church was located back in 1870-1905, hence Blackberry Patch pulpit.  For some reason Blackberry Patch Pulpit was already taken.

I'm pastor Tuura, the moderator on this page.  Others perhaps will be contributing from time to time.
This is intended to be a two way conversation.  I contribute through this blog space, and you can reply and communicate through the comments section. 

We are blazing a new trail here, at least for us, so please be patient as we work the "bugs" out. 

To get things started, I'll be drawing from a study book that is out of print called, "God owns, I manage" originally published by Standard publishing.  The study was written by Micheal D McCann.

Mr. McCann begins, "God invites you to be His partner.  More than that, He has called you to a partnership.  If you are one of His people, you have already been enlisted for God's enterprise.  You are a part of His mission in this world."
"This is no ordinary partnership.  Your Partner is no ordinary partner.  He is the King of the universe."

Our consideration of the Book of Colossians this past month for our Sunday messages.  The book of Colossians is a technical manual of sorts for our faith.  It has some great doctrinal passages.

There are two verses that pertain to our work in Colossians,  Please give me your interpretation of these.
They are Colossians 3:17, and 3:23.

So here goes.  Give these verses your best shot.  What do they mean for you? 

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